Joe Biden ran in 2020 as the candidate who wrote the ‘pandemic playbook.’ It’s now clear he made that up to get elected…and now LGBT Americans are paying the price.

From day one since the monkeypox arrived in our country, Biden and his administration have botched the federal government’s response to the disease. From allowing ready-to-ship monkeypox vaccines to sit in a warehouse in Europe for weeks due to unnecessary bureaucratic red tape, to public health guidance overtaken by confusing woke language designed to avoid offending people over actually protecting public health, to being forced to cut the monkeypox vaccine by 80% to cope with the shortage (and “pissing off” the sole manufacturer in the process), it’s been a disaster…and a disaster that is disproportionately hurting the LGBT community.

On Wednesday, the Washington Post laid out the case for what went so wrong with the Biden Administration’s response to the monkeypox, concluding: “Despite efforts to learn from the nation’s coronavirus failures, officials struggled to meet growing demand for testing, vaccines and treatments. Early mistakes…and a plodding bureaucracy left hundreds of thousands of gay men facing the threat of an agonizing illness…”

Remember, Biden nominated then-California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who had zero public health experience, to become his Health and Human Services Secretary because he was Hispanic and because his record as an aggressive prosecutor would fit the Administration’s view of HHS as an enforcement arm of the federal government’s mandates. The resulting incompetence has been devastating for the LGBT community.

If Biden was a Republican, the Democrat cable news chorus around his monkeypox failures would be deafening and Leftist LGBT activists would be selectively claiming victimhood to advance their narrative against Republicans. Instead, they’re staying silent. We won’t. As Guy Benson recently put it on his radio show:

“If this were a Republican Administration screwing up this badly over and over again on a public health issue, it would be a much bigger story than it is. Especially given the fact that it is overwhelmingly targeting gay and bisexual people. You can almost imagine what the outcry would sound like and look like. You’d have activists, you’d have the media, you’d have Democrats, ‘This Administration doesn’t care about gay people! They don’t care about our lives! They don’t prioritize us! This is callous disregard! This is dereliction! This is bigotry! This is what modern bigotry looks like!’ That is what they would be saying if exactly this set of facts applied to the other political party.”