Log Cabin California is the statewide umbrella organization of Log Cabin Republican chapters in Los Angeles, Marin County, Orange County, Palm Springs, Sacramento, San DiegoSan Francisco, Silicon ValleyUCB / Alameda, and Ventura County. Log Cabin California is part of Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s largest organization of gay and lesbian Republicans.

The PAC serves as an intellectual clearing house for the state organization and its member chapters, providing them with political intelligence on candidates, legislative and social issues, demographic data and trends, and voter registration information. The Log Cabin Republicans of California Political Action Committee consists of a chair and treasurer, nominated by the state chair and confirmed by the state board, and members from around the state appointed by the state chair for their political knowledge and financial largesse. Meetings are held quarterly or as events necessitate.

Board of Directors


Matthew Craffey
Email: [email protected]
Los Angeles, CA

Vice Chairman

Gina Roberts


Nestor Moto


Kernan Jang

Immediate Past Chairman

Jason Clark


Gregory Gandrud (At Large)

Charles Moran (At Large)

Michael Gallardo
Fred Schein
Kerida Moates
Nicholas Francois
Juan Hernandez
Matthew Craffey
Dale Baggs
Gina Roberts
Johnny Hildreth
Gavin Flores
Stephen Tootle
Sue Caro


To learn more about Log Cabin Republicans of California, check out the Chapter TwitterFacebook pages or visit the Log Cabin Republicans of California website