Washington, D.C. – Log Cabin Republicans Managing Director Charles Moran released the below statement on the Human Rights Campaign board terminating its president Alphonso David over his collusion with Governor Cuomo’s team to smear one of Cuomo’s sexual harassment victims:
“The Human Rights Campaign had no choice but to fire its president Alphonso David, who was caught colluding with Governor Cuomo to smear his sexual harassment victims and then refused to accept responsibility for his actions. His removal is a step towards justice. However, David’s toxic behavior in the name of defending corrupt Democrats is a symptom of a broader culture within the Human Rights Campaign, which has long championed the interests of the establishment in the Democrat Party over the interests of actual LGBT Americans. It’s clear the HRC is at the beck and call of the Democrats – even corrupt ones like Cuomo. The HRC went so far as to actively campaign against Cynthia Nixon, an out LGBT woman, when she ran against Cuomo in 2018. This whole saga is a wake-up call to the corporations like Disney, Apple, and others that write checks to the HRC and bankroll its Left-wing political agenda under the guise of supporting LGBT Americans. When there are so many other non-partisan organizations out there that address real problems within the LGBT community, the customers of HRC’s donors should start asking what exactly these corporations are funding.”