Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran released the following statement:

“The HRC’s latest PR stunt is so ignorantly detached from the incredible LGBT progress over the past decade that we’d be shocked if their donors even buy it. Bipartisan legislation codifying gay marriage was signed into law just last year, public support for equal rights for LGBT Americans has never been higher, and LGBT Americans are increasingly visible and respected throughout our culture. Instead of recognizing these great facts, the Human Rights Campaign must perpetually fear-monger that the LGBT community is in grave danger in order to gin up donations and justify its existence. To that end, the HRC is destructively redefining support for the LGBT community around trans surgeries for minors, biological men competing in women’s sports, and sex and gender identity lessons in kindergarten. While these issues can be emotional and complex, they in no way pose an unprecedented ‘state of emergency’ to the LGBT community, which has persevered through far worse. We encourage the HRC team to read a history book.”