Washington, D.C. & Las Vegas, NV — Log Cabin Republicans congratulates Ed Williams, President of Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada, on his election as the first openly gay Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party — the GOP affiliate representing the largest population center in Nevada and an important primary state in the 2016 GOP presidential primary season.

“By removing social issues from their respective platforms in 2014, both the Nevada and Clark County Republican parties demonstrated that they want to welcome all Americans to the GOP,” Williams stated. “Yesterday’s election of an openly gay Republican as Chairman of the 15th largest county in the US shows that we are able to move past personal issues to focus on important issues like limited government and fiscal responsibility. It’s great to see that the GOP is prepared to welcome a new generation of Republicans into our party.”

Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo added:

Chairman Williams has grown our Nevada Chapter across the entirety of the Silver State tremendously over the course of the past two years — whether through his leadership in reforming the State Republican Party’s platform or hosting well-attended social events such as the “Freedom to Marry, Freedom to Carry” Second Amendment celebration to resounding success, there is no one better to show Nevada’s Republicans the true definition of big-tent politics. Congratulations to Mr. Williams on a well-deserved win as Chairman; I know he will represent Republicans of all stripes with aplomb and lead the Clark County GOP to victory in 2016.”