Washington, D.C. & Phoenix, AZ — Today Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) vetoed S.B. 1062, which would have allowed business owners to deny services to anyone — including same-sex couples — because of “religious beliefs.” Log Cabin Republicans commends Governor Brewer and those Republicans who urged her to veto this discriminatory, bad-business bill.

“Log Cabin Republicans of Arizona applauds Governor Brewer’s veto of S.B. 1062, and are heartened by the overwhelming opposition to this misguided legislation throughout the state, country and world,” Log Cabin Republicans of Arizona President Erin Ogletree said. “This is a watershed event, signaling that Arizonans and all people of goodwill refuse to support legislated discrimination, especially discrimination cloaked in religion. It is also a loud wake-up call to the Republican Party. We do best when we champion the freedom and rights of all individuals. It is time to refocus on being the party of limited, competent, and accountable governing that welcomes everyone.”

Gregory T. Angelo, Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans added:

Today, those who would discriminate against gay Americans learned a hard lesson: they are on the losing side of history, and boy did they lose big. This bill failed because common-sense conservatives took a principled stand against it — indeed, had so many Republicans not been as vocal in their opposition, it may well be law today. Governor Brewer, Senator John McCain, Senator Jeff Flake and the myriad Republicans across the country who came out in opposition to this bill have proven themselves to be genuine leaders of today’s GOP. Log Cabin Republicans especially congratulates our Chapter President Erin Ogletree and our members in the Grand Canyon State who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for weeks lobbying, calling, emailing, and fighting like hell against this harmful, bad-business law. Thanks in part to their efforts, freedom for all Arizonans has been preserved.