Anaheim, CA & Washington, D.C. — Yesterday, in a near-unanimous vote, the Republican Party of California struck anti-gay language from its Party platform and added language supporting non-discrimination legislation for individuals based on sexual orientation because of the work of Log Cabin Republicans of California.

“Log Cabin Republicans of California are proud of the support of the California Republican Party to build a more inclusive GOP,” Log Cabin Republicans of California Chairman John Musella stated. “We built a strong, broad-based conservative coalition to bring about this change which received nearly unanimous support of the delegates. We’re helping to build a platform and a Republican Party where all Californians are welcome.”

“Once again, the state where Log Cabin Republicans was founded continues to lead the way toward a more inclusive, winning GOP,” Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo added. “Make no mistake: This change would not have happened without the leadership of Chairman Musella and the many members of Log Cabin Republicans of California whose delegates built on their official chartering at the previous California Republican Party convention with this latest milestone. 2016 is going to be a good year!”