Washington, D.C. & Houston, TX — Log Cabin Republicans National and Log Cabin Republicans of Houston today jointly announced a Victory Celebration this Friday for LCR members and allies who overcame the odds, pushed back against bigotry within the GOP, and achieved elected office in the Harris County Republican Party.

Among those to be honored Friday will be LCR Houston Public Relations Director Chris Busby, who is guaranteed a Harris County Precinct Chairmanship in an unopposed election despite the bigoted attempts of Terry Lowry and his like-minded allies to deny him a vacancy appointment last year because of his sexual orientation and membership in Log Cabin Republicans.

Several candidates endorsed and supported by LCR Houston in the recent Houston City election were also successful, including At-Large council members Stephen Costello, Jack Christie, and David Robinson, and District A Councilmember Brenda Stardig, who will also be honored at Friday’s event.

“How sweet it is,” Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo said. “Whenever Log Cabin Republicans members across the country win elections, it’s great; but when those wins represent electoral victories as well as victory over those who push the losing politics of exclusion, it’s downright exhilarating and worthy of celebration. I can’t wait to join Log Cabin Republicans of Houston at this Victory Celebration this Friday to honor their hard work fighting like hell for a more inclusive GOP.”

“On behalf of the Log Cabin Republicans of Houston, we are honored to have Gregory T. Angelo come celebrate all the hard work our members are doing building partnerships amongst our community and the Republican Party in Harris County,” Log Cabin Republicans of Houston President Antoine B. Taylor stated. “Congratulations to all our members who are Precinct Chair-elect and for those of you who are running opposed. This is a well-deserved Victory Celebration for a job well done this last year.”

“At the Vacancy Committee I was asked questions such as, ‘Do you believe that age of consent laws should be abolished?’ and, ‘Do you think that kindergartners should be taught sexual education?’ and pressed that those must be my positions because I was a member of Log Cabin Republicans,” says Busby. “I was then summarily denied despite my protests to the contrary. Many people told me that they would have quit the party of such actions. But I do not believe in giving up, so I filed for the position and won uncontested. In the upcoming year I plan on working with the Harris County Republican Party to show that equality respect for the LGBT community is not only compatible with but necessary to maintain the integrity of the Republican Party’s commitment to limited government.”

The Log Cabin Republicans Victory Party will take place at 7pm Friday, January 31 at Theo’s (812 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77006).