Washington, D.C. & Las Vegas, NV — In an historic shift, today the Nevada Republican Party voted to remove opposition to civil marriage equality at its state convention.

“The state party has made it clear that they want a ‘bigger tent’ and has welcomed us into it,” said Ed Williams, President of Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada and a delegate at the convention. “Today’s historic vote positions the Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada and our allies to be even more effective in demonstrating that the Republican Party is the party of limited government, personal responsibility and individual liberty.”

Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo added:

Once again, our local Log Cabin Republicans members have made a critical difference pushing the GOP toward the right side of history by going where others fear to tread — or cannot tread because of their party affiliation. The Republican Party is at a crossroads: in a year where the Massachusetts GOP rolled back the clock and added divisive social issues to its platform, the state Republican Party responsible for nominating Sharron Angle in 2010 seems to have finally learned to focus on the issues that truly matter to voters, which will lead to massive Republican wins at the ballot box this fall.