Charles Moran: LGBT Conservatives Don’t Buy Into the Woke Left’s Radical View That Sex and Gender Are Meaningless

Fox News, April 15, 2022

LGBT conservatives are committed to the fight for equality and inclusion. The Log Cabin Republicans advocate for inclusion within the ranks of our own party, and over the years we have had both significant wins and challenging setbacks.

At the same time, we aren’t afraid to call out anyone on the Left who uses “equality” as a Trojan Horse to push a radical cultural agenda that, in reality, has nothing to do with actual LGBT rights.

That’s what happening now. Over the last month, we’ve watched a major new culture war erupt on two fronts: Disney doubling down on teaching kindergartners about gender identity and the NCAA unfairly allowing trans women to compete in women’s sports.

We’ve watched the Left dishonestly demonize concerned parents and concerned female athletes as ‘anti-trans’ or ‘bigots.’

We can’t be bullied into silence. Simply put, LGBT conservatives don’t buy into the Woke Left’s radical notion that sex and gender are meaningless. Their demands have nothing to do with LGBT rights, and everything to do with their years-long campaign to strip away sex and gender as significant mores of Western society under the guise of “equality.”

It is one thing to support, as we do, transgender individuals’ rights to transition freely at an appropriate age, live safely, and be respected without fear of being harassed. It’s quite another to demand that teachers should be allowed to build lesson plans around gender and sex for kindergartners, without the involvement or consent of the parents.

If that demand sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is, but that’s exactly what Disney, a company supposedly built around family and children’s entertainment, called for when they came out in opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law.

Disney peddled lies from Left-wing activists about the bill — that it was somehow anti-gay — to hide it’s real intent to stop educators from teaching young children that their gender doesn’t matter.

Disney is opposed to the Florida law for the same reason they are stripping all references to ‘boys and girls’ from their theme parks: it’s part of their campaign to erase sex and gender from our culture, and they’re hoping to fool the public by calling it “equality.”

Log Cabin Republicans was proud to speak out against the Democrats’ and Disney’s lies about the Florida law and defend parents — including LGBT parents — who are concerned about what their young children are being taught in school. As long as the Woke Left pushes this radical war and deceptively hides it behind the banner of “equality,” LGBT conservatives will be at the frontlines fighting back.

The Left is opening another front of their war in women’s sports and we will fight there as well. It’s one thing to support and include trans athletes. It’s quite another to demand that trans women have the right to compete in women’s sports, pretend that they don’t have an obvious physical advantage over their peers, smear those who disagree as anti-trans, and then cheer a win for “equality” while young women are shoved into second-place and robbed of athletic and educational opportunities.

If those demands sound ridiculous, it’s because they are. This is exactly what unfolded at the NCAA championships, when Lia Thomas, a trans woman, defeated nearly a dozen biological women and won the Division I national championship title in swimming.

Tragically, many of the so-called “women’s advocacy groups” who claim to fight for women have abandoned these swimmers, either because they’re afraid of being smeared by the Left or are complicit in their crusade.

They may not fight for those women, but we will. LGBT conservatives refuse to bow down to the Left’s preaching that there are no physiological differences between men and women, we don’t believe that LGBT equality comes at the expense of desecrating women’s sports, and we reject the Democrats’ and the media’s dishonest smears that Republican efforts to protect women’s sports are “anti-trans.”

There are common-sense solutions to this sports problem. Some have proposed creating separate sporting events for trans athletes; others have proposed requiring trans athletes to compete in competitions aligned with their biological sex. There’s a way to fairly include trans athletes in athletics without taking opportunities away from others or demonizing the trans community. But radical Leftists won’t even let the discussion happen.

Conservatives are waking up to what is going on. The Left is actively trying to rearrange our politics, our culture, our courts, and our schools to align with their radical woke views on sex, gender and race. It’s why the Florida law prompted such a fierce smear campaign from the Left; it’s why President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee shockingly refused to define what a woman is; and it’s why anyone concerned about the future of women’s sports is being slandered as anti-trans.

From parents rights to women’s sports, these battles are worth having to protect Western culture, and LGBT conservatives will continue to lead the charge.