Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran released the following statement:

“While monkeypox has disproportionately impacted the LGBT community, over a million monkeypox vaccines purchased by the U.S. sat useless in a European facility for weeks because Biden’s FDA slow-walked the facility’s inspection, despite the fact that EU regulators had already signed off on the facility’s inspection more than a year ago. This kind of infuriating, inexcusable regulatory red tape setback would never have happened under President Trump and Operation Warp Speed, which specifically included cutting bureaucratic red-tape at the FDA to get vaccines in the hands of Americans faster. This incompetency is all the more embarrassing given that candidate Biden bragged about having written the ‘pandemic playbook’ the last time he was in office. Maybe the Biden Administration should focus less on prepping Left-wing LGBT ‘monkeypox influencers‘ with government propaganda talking points and more on making his Administration efficient enough to distribute already-made vaccines to those who need them.”