Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran released the following statement in response to President Biden’s Pride event at the White House Tuesday afternoon:

“It’s unfortunate that President Biden again used a podium at the White House this afternoon to mislead on and demonize the common sense parental rights law in Florida and other similar bills across the country that protect young children from woke lesson plans around gender and sexual identity. While some of the executive orders he announced today are long overdue, LGBT conservatives will not support the federal government trampling over the rights of states to stop Leftist activists from infusing more woke identity politics into kindergarten classrooms. Biden also called on Congress yet again to pass the Equality Act. As we have said before, if President Biden is truly committed to equality and not just cheap lines to score applause from the identity politics crowd, he should instead rally support for the Fairness For All Act, conservative legislation written by conservative lawmakers that actually protects LGBT Americans from discrimination while protecting Americans’ fundamental religious freedoms.”