Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran released the following statement:

“We are hearing that recent comments made by trans Rep. Zooey Zephyr on the Montana House floor accusing Republicans of having “blood on their hands” has resulted in an unprecedented flood of death threats targeting Montana GOP legislators and their families. Rep. Kerri Seekins-Crowe, who introduced the bill on the floor, has been a specific target of these threats. Meanwhile, her daughter is being harassed and law enforcement has had to set up a watch outside her house. 

“Rep. Zephyr’s wildly inappropriate and unprecedented comments about her fellow lawmakers on the House floor have sparked a wave of threats towards Seekins-Crowe, other Montana legislators, their families, and capitol staff. This is why she was banned from the House floor. You wouldn’t know that based on the fawning and one-sided media coverage she has received, which has framed her as a brave heroine while the rest of the legislators are being harassed with death threats she herself instigated. 

“To be clear: we do not believe that anyone who supports this legislation has “blood on their hands.” Anyone who says otherwise is simply looking for their 15 minutes of media fame at the expense of what civility our politics has left. 

“As we said after the Nashville shooting, the path forward on these issues must be filled with dialogue and compassion, not militancy and indoctrination. We denounce any threats or violence towards lawmakers, and hope other LGBT groups join us.”