Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran released the following statement:

“The bill coming out of Washington State says it is ‘supporting youth,’ but in reality it is anything but. It is not ‘pro-youth’ or ‘pro-LGBT’ to allow children to receive transgender medical care without the consent of their parents. It is dangerous. Not only does this bill expose children to potentially life-altering consequences, but it legalizes a radical new shift in power away from families and into the hands of the government. Parents know what is in the best interest of their children far better than government bureaucrats.

“LGBT conservatives urge Governor Jay Inslee to veto this radical legislation. Trans individuals absolutely deserve our respect, compassion, and support. Giving the government the power to approve trans therapies on young children while parents stand helplessly by is not the way to do it and will only breed more division, misunderstanding, and anger.”