Reed Tighe, president of the Log Cabin Republicans of New Jersey, released the below statement condemning the dishonest attacks against New Jersey Republican gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciattarelli:

“Left-wing special interest groups are intentionally mischaracterizing Jack Ciattarelli’s recent comments against extremist indoctrination in schools to falsely smear him as anti-LGBT. They’re pushing the same dishonest narrative that the Democrats have operated from for years. To be clear, fighting attempts to expose young children in our schools to overtly sexualized and identity-driven ideology doesn’t make someone an anti-LGBT ‘bigot.’ It makes them sane. We applaud Jack Ciattarelli for taking a stand against it. Log Cabin Republicans will continue to stand for tolerance and equality while fighting for conservative values and opposing attempts to indoctrinate children with the Left’s extremist agenda. We will also continue to call out any dishonest attempts to smear conservatives as bigots, as the New Jersey Democrats are trying to do in the governor’s race.”