Washington, D.C. — Last week Sam Kutesa, the anti-gay Ugandan Minister to the United Nations, was quietly elected President of the U.N. General Assembly. Kutesa is on-record both supporting and defending the controversial Ugandan policy that allows for lifetime imprisonment of gay citizens and harsh sentences for anyone helping gay Ugandans to avoid detection.

In response, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo stated:

At a time when Americans are rightly decrying a fringe of the GOP in the United States advocating for so-called reparative “ex-gay therapy” in Texas, one would expect strident vocal opposition to Mr. Kutesa’s election to President of one of the world’s most influential governing bodies — by unanimous vote, no less. In stark contrast, however, the deafening silence among the preponderance of the left reveals an apathy to this news at best, and de facto support of Mr. Kutesa at worst. Make no mistake: the election of dangerous anti-gay extremists like Mr. Kutesa to positions of power show the genuine perils of ceding United States sovereignty to the United Nations. Its consequences can be — without exaggeration — life and death.