Washington, D.C. — A historic vote today makes Illinois the 15th state to recognize civil marriages between committed same-sex couples. Log Cabin Republicans particularly applauds those Republicans who stood up on the right side of history with their votes in favor of equality, making the critical difference that allowed the bill to pass.

Gregory T. Angelo, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans commented:

Log Cabin Republicans commends the Illinois State Legislature for making “The Land of Lincoln” the latest state to provide all its citizens with the freedom to marry. With each passing day, more and more Republicans come to understand that there is a conservative case to be made for marriage equality. In addition, the bill passed by the Illinois legislature respects religious liberty as well as individual liberty: two conservative values that are championed — and protected — in this legislation. We also thank Illinois United States Senator Mark Kirk for his bold and unwavering support. The Republican Party is the party of limited government, and Americans deserve a government that does not impede their freedom by telling them whom they can and cannot love. Log Cabin Republicans is thrilled to see Illinois Republicans who recognize this fact, and we look forward to continuing our fight in other states.

Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois President Caitlin Huxley added:

As an Illinois Republican, I am beyond excited to see our legislators recognize the need for equality in our state. This is a very exciting time for both Illinois and the Republican Party, and I only hope that more of my fellow party-members will choose to stand on the right side of history with us.