Portsmouth, NH & Indianapolis, IN — The Log Cabin Republicans National Board of Directors has chartered new local Chapters in New Hampshire and Indiana, bringing the total grassroots base of the organization to 51 Chapters in 27 states and the District of Columbia.

The New Hampshire Chapter celebrated its launch on Friday with an event in Portsmouth attended by more than 100 guests, including sitting elected officials and Republican Party leaders. The event featured state Senate President Chuck Morse, state House of Representatives Speaker Shawn Jasper, and a keynote address from New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu.

“When you talk about things like the LGBT community, or talk about diversity…let’s remember: when we stay together, we have that momentum,” Governor Sununu said in his remarks. “When we’re talking about what we’re doing here tonight, what the Log Cabin Republicans represent for the state of New Hampshire — frankly, represent for the entire country — is a team effort, staying together.”

“Log Cabin Republicans of New Hampshire is enthusiastic about the future of the Republican Party and optimistic that together we can show the country how unified the GOP is,” Log Cabin Republicans of New Hampshire Chairman Adam Lord stated. “New Hampshire has always involved the people in the political process, and last night’s launch party was the perfect example of that spirit of inclusion that will continue as we come together to work on the issues with our highest elected officials.”

“We look forward to working with local, state, and federal officials to build on a foundation of mutual respect, as well as personal and economic freedoms, that make this the greatest country on earth,” Log Cabin Republicans of Indiana President Taylor Vanover said. “Our key goals in Log Cabin Republicans of Indiana to encourage a GOP culture of inclusivity, provide clarity to our members and others on GOP healthcare proposals, and work to aid our veterans give us vision and hope for a stronger Republican Party. I am thankful for the support of my fellow Hoosiers and the Indiana GOP.”

Log Cabin Republicans National President Gregory T. Angelo added:

With new strongholds in the ‘First in the Nation’ state and the home of our country’s sitting Vice President, Log Cabin Republicans continues to expand our presence throughout the United States. The leadership teams of our newly minted New Hampshire and Indiana Chapters are organizing dynamos with keen political instincts — I expect big things are in store for Hoosiers and Granite Staters alike as, together, we continue to make the case for common-sense conservative principles and LGBT inclusion in the GOP.