Washington, D.C. — The Log Cabin Republicans National Board of Directors today chartered three new Chapters of the organization: Log Cabin Republicans of Southwest Florida, Log Cabin Republicans of Eastern Washington, and Log Cabin Republicans of Rhode Island. These new additions bring the national grassroots presence of the organization to 53 Chapters in 28 states plus the District of Columbia.

“Southwest Florida is a GOP stronghold with a vocal LGBT community. The primary goals of the Log Cabin Republicans of Southwest Florida will be to provide a place for the LGBT conservatives in the area who have been shunned by the greater LGBT community for vocalizing their political beliefs and to work with our elected officials to ensuring that the needs of their LGBT constituents are met constitutionally,” Log Cabin Republicans of Southwest Florida Chapter Leader Alex Pilkington said. “The warm welcome from many of the Republican clubs in the area and the avid interest of many LGBT conservatives and allies is encouraging and we look forward to breaking the surly bonds of identity politics as we forge ahead into the future.”

“Log Cabin Republicans of Eastern Washington is elated to be launching a local platform that will bridge the divide that has been gaining momentum in our party for far too long,” Log Cabin Republicans of Eastern Washington Chapter Leader Monika Wachowiak declared. “It’s time to increase tolerance and acceptance under our great Big Red Tent! This incredible country of ours has always been about inclusion and integrity. Along with our elected officials, we will work relentlessly to secure the personal and economic freedoms that make this the greatest country on earth. We will stand for our veterans, our working professionals, our families, and — more important than all else — our fellow human beings. I am grateful for the steadfast support that’s been pouring in from across the Inland Northwest and more than ready to get to work. It’s about time we shatter the glass ceiling of the Pacific Northwest and let our fellow LGBT Republicans know it’s more than okay to be part of the GOP. We will be silent no more; we are Inland Strong and we are no longer the silent minority.”

“Log Cabin Republicans of Rhode Island is looking forward to working with local, state and federal officials to further the conservative principles of freedom and liberty for all by working for a strong economic future, better education opportunities for students, and safer communities,” Log Cabin Republicans of Rhode Island Chapter Leader Allan Giberti stated. “By holding true to the Log Cabin Republicans mission of equality under the law for all, free markets, individual liberty, limited government, and a strong national defensem I truly believe our Chapter can — and will — achieve great things.”

Log Cabin Republicans National President Gregory T. Angelo added:

After 40 years, Log Cabin Republicans is still going — and still growing — strong. These newly minted Log Cabin Republicans Chapters encompass three corners of the continental United States, underscoring the reach and diversity of our organization. The Log Cabin Republicans grassroots network of Chapters across the country never ceases to inspire me, and the courageous individuals heading these latest local affiliates only add to the admiration our National Board of Directors has for the volunteers who have represented the lifeblood of our organization since our founding four decades ago.