Log Cabin Republicans extends congratulations to the State of Minnesota, which today became the 12th State to recognize marriage equality for committed same-sex couples with a State Senate vote in favor of the freedom to marry. The Minnesota marriage bill, which included special provisions that protected religious liberty, passed with the votes of four Republicans in the House and the leadership of Senator Branden Petersen in the Senate after years of effort by Log Cabin Republicans to encourage passage.

“As a Minnesota resident and lifelong Republican who has worked hard for marriage equality, I’m proud to see GOP legislators Petersen, Loon, Kieffer, Garofalo, and FitzSimmons cast votes that honor the proud past and hopeful future of a Republican Party that understands the importance of equality for all Americans,” said Log Cabin Republicans National Board of Directors member Jennifer Breitinger. “Today marks a victory for individual liberty and a triumph for the State of Minnesota. Freedom won today, and I commend our Republican allies who stood on the right side of history in this fight and on the side of freedom.”

“Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota commends the courageous Republicans who bucked the party line and voted their conscience on this issue,” stated Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota Chairman Ken Smoron. “Just six short months ago, Minnesota became the first state to defeat a constitutional ban on same sex marriage, and voters in the state did so by a healthy margin. Minnesotans understand that faith, family, and love are important stabilizing aspects of our society. They recognize the importance of providing the legal protections necessary to provide the security and stability that all Minnesotans want and need to protect our families. Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota commends those Republican legislators whose brave votes in favor of marriage equality reflect their understanding of the importance of these issues.”

Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo added:

“The notion that marriage equality cannot become a reality outside of progressive pockets of the country has been proven wrong today. Minnesota has become the 12th state to recognize marriages for committed same-sex couples, and the first state in the American Midwest to do so by legislative vote. Once again, it was Republicans who stood up and proved that you can support both religious liberty and independent liberty. Log Cabin Republicans welcomes the five Minnesota legislators who join the growing list of more than 200 GOP elected officials who have voted for marriage equality. Today’s vote should be a wake-up call to Republicans across the country: marriage equality is spreading far and wide, and the time to support it is now.”