Washington, D.C. — Log Cabin Republicans joins Dan Winslow and Arent Fox in praising the Federal Election Commission for issuing its first ruling recognizing the ability of legally married same-sex couples to contribute to political campaigns in the same manner as their straight counterparts. Initially filed in April during the primary of a special election for United States Senate in Massachusetts after the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in the United States v. Windsor case regarding Section 3 of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) but before the court’s historic ruling striking it down, the FEC agreed to re-hear the request in light of the new landscape regarding federal recognition of same-sex marriages. The draft opinion posted on the FEC website in advance of a formal hearing Thursday rules that because Section 3 of DOMA was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, same-sex married couples now have the same right to political speech as their straight counterparts.

“This is a win for Log Cabin Republicans, but more importantly it’s a win for all Americans — gay or straight — who value the First Amendment and freedom of speech,” said Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo. “DOMA may be done, but important legal questions remain. We were proud to join Mr. Winslow and Arent Fox to seek resolution on this important matter.”

“The FEC has provided a silver lining to my run for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts,” added Dan Winslow, who continues to raise funds to pay off his remaining campaign debt. “I am proud my campaign reasserted Lincoln’s principles of equality for donors and candidates in the future. I am proud to have given the opportunity for the FEC to be one of the first federal agencies to implement the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA.”

Craig Engle, Partner at Arent Fox and longtime counsel for Log Cabin Republicans, concluded:

“The Commission has done the right thing — and has not hesitated to apply the Supreme Court’s ruling.”