Washington, D.C. — Tonight, President Obama delivered the annual State of the Union speech to both chambers of Congress, outlining a strategy for the nation low on specifics and heavy on rhetoric that we’ve seen time and again. In response, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo issued the following statement:

For a moment, I thought the news accidentally re-ran last year’s State of the Union, because all I really saw was more of the same. In the midst of a stagnant economy, understated unemployment, and ballooning debt, the only new ideas presented by the President involved using ‘a pen and a phone’ to push a liberal agenda for which hard-working Americans have no appetite. While the President’s calls for a more equal nation are welcome, there is a profound irony in the absence of any mention of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act for LGBT workers tonight, and likewise in the President’s threat to exercise unilateral Executive actions with the explosive potential to ignite class warfare, while at the same time remaining silent on signing a common-sense Executive Order barring federal workplace discrimination: an empty promise to LGBT Americans that stands unfulfilled after six years. That’s one re-run we’re tired of seeing.