Washington, D.C. — Today, Democrats in the United States Senate and House of Representatives led by Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI) introduced their version of LGBT civil rights legislation titled The Equality Act.

“It is widely known that Log Cabin Republicans has long supported, lobbied, and advocated for comprehensive LGBT non-discrimination legislation, but we share hesitations about the Equality Act expressed by a number of organizations including LGBT advocates on the left and other civil rights groups,” Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo stated. “Some of our staunchest Republican allies in Congress with unassailable records in favor of LGBT equality have indicated similar concerns with this legislation. The full text of the Equality Act was only provided to Log Cabin Republicans late last night, mere hours prior to the bill’s formal introduction. We will review this bill with our allies in Congress and National Board of Directors prior to taking any official position. Log Cabin Republicans does not operate on the timetables of others; ultimatums are not the way to grow coalitions.”