Washington, D.C. — This morning, the Obama administration announced it had reached a nuclear deal with Iran that reportedly includes immediate lifting of sanctions, ends the ban on weapons sales to Tehran, limited facility inspections, and allows Iran to dramatically expand its military.

“Log Cabin Republicans has long held the position that any deal with Iran that does not include consideration of human rights abuses against women, religious minorities, and gays is a bad deal. This is a bad deal,” Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo stated. “Secretary Kerry has achieved nothing more than the most modest of concessions, while Iran will continue to kill gay people and people merely suspected of being gay, all the while moving ever-closer to nuclear weaponization. Log Cabin Republicans shares the grave concerns about this deal expressed by our allies in Congress, and will continue to stand in solidarity with our gay brethren in Iran and Israel — even if the Obama Administration will not.”