Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran released the following statement in response to the Biden Administration’s proposed regulatory changes to Title IX:

“On the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the Biden Administration’s proposed new regulations are nothing short of a radical assault on the very people Title IX was intended to protect – women. While everyone should support trans individuals’ rights to live freely and safely, these new proposals are a dangerous first step towards enshrining into law the Woke Left’s dogma that sex and gender are meaningless. The radicals behind this proposal are trying to force their gender ideology into America’s classrooms and onto America’s children by wielding the power of the state through Title IX. We believe LGBT acceptance and equality does not come at the expense of legalizing the erasure of women and gender. Make no mistake, Log Cabin Republicans will be at the front lines fighting the Biden Administration’s attempt to blow up Title IX in the name of their woke gender culture war.”