Washington, D.C. – Log Cabin Republicans Managing Director Charles Moran released the below statement on the bombshell report from the New York attorney general that Human Rights Campaign president Alphonso David colluded with Governor Cuomo’s team to smear one of Cuomo’s sexual harassment victims:

“It should disturb every corporate donor to the HRC that its president Alphonso David colluded with Governor Cuomo to smear one of the women Cuomo sexually harassed. Alphonso David’s behavior is disqualifying and he should resign immediately, but the fault doesn’t just lie with him. The Human Rights Campaign markets itself as champions for LGBT Americans. In reality, it champions left-wing Democrats – apparently even those guilty of sexual harassment – and bullies anyone who gets in their way. This latest report is not surprising to anyone who has actually paid attention to the Human Rights Campaign’s horrendously leftist partisan record. But it should be a wake-up call to Americans that corporations like Disney, Apple, Hyatt, and countless others write checks to the HRC while its president smears victims of sexual harassment. Next time corporations donate money to the Human Rights Campaign, they can stop deceiving their customers that they’re supporting LGBT Americans. They’re supporting radical and corrupt left-wing politicians.”