Why does Cortez Masto support radical Leftists indoctrinating children with sex and gender identity lessons in schools?


Nevada media have been breathlessly copying and pasting into headlines Left-wing LGBT activists’ “anti-gay” accusations against Republican Adam Laxalt for supporting common-sense parents’ rights over their children’s education. Yet not a single one of their stories critically examines Democrat incumbent Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s record.

Masto once equated gay marriage to bigamy or incest when she was Attorney General of Nevada, but not a single one of these stories mentions it, and neither she nor the Left-wing activists supporting her have been asked about it. Moreover, why has no one in the Nevada press asked Senator Cortez Masto to explain why she opposes common-sense legislation – supported by a bipartisan majority of voters nation-wide – that prohibits kindergarteners from being indoctrinated with sex and gender identity lessons during class time?


Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada president Ed Williams released the following statement:
“Left-wing LGBT activists and their allies in the Nevada media love to falsely smear Republicans as bigots but get cold feet when it comes to scrutinizing members of their own party. What do those same activists think about Senator Cortez Masto comparing gay marriage to incest and bigamy? Why does she now support radical Leftists telling Nevada parents their opinions don’t matter while they indoctrinate their children with sex and gender identity lessons in schools? We’ll never know, because the Nevada press only runs critical stories in one direction – against Republicans.”
Log Cabin Republicans national president Charles Moran released the following statement: 
“Senator Cortez Masto’s ignorant and out-of-touch attitudes on gay people were made public in 2014 and they are as outrageous now as they were back then. The fact that this was a story run in America’s most prominent LGBT publication but was ignored by the media in Nevada and Washington, DC then and undiscovered until now shows the lengths to which the media will go to advance their Leftist partisan agenda. Just because you are Harry Reid’s handpicked successor doesn’t mean you get a pass from serious scrutiny. Nevadans and all Americans deserve better.”