The Gay Left has an infinite amount of moral outrage to feign during Pride Month.

The Gay Left isn’t letting crises go to waste…and they’re clutching every pearl they can get their hands on during Pride Month.

They were outraged that Governor Ron DeSantis spoke at the Jewish Leadership Conference on Sunday at Chelsea Piers in New York City during Pride Month, calling on the venue to cancel the event. “It’s outrageous that Chelsea Piers would host an anti-LGBTQ politician like DeSantis in the middle of Pride Month,” a local gay Democrat griped.

They’ were outraged that Fox News dared to cover the controversy surrounding trans athletes and gender identity indoctrination of young children during Pride Month. “Fox’s coverage during the very first day of Pride Month shows the network has no plan to stop spreading hate,” the Los Angeles Blade complained.

They were even outraged at Joe Biden himself for daring to put former First Lady Nancy Reagan on a centennial commemorative stamp…you guessed it…during Pride Month. “Jill Biden is celebrating pride month by honoring a monstrous and unrepentant homophobe who went out of her way to make a bunch of gay people suffer and die,” one activist tweeted. “This is an insult, during Pride no less,” tweeted another.

Here’s a reality check for the Gay Left: they do not own Pride Month. The Gay Left is trying to turn Pride from an inclusive celebration to a weapon of pretend outrage for their partisan agenda to take down their opponents, whether they be Ron DeSantis, Nancy Reagan, or Fox News. As Guy Benson recently noted in his defense of DeSantis, “They’re using Pride as a convenient weapon to try to squelch the speech of someone they don’t like.”

But we’ve come to expect that from the intolerant left. Cancel speech they don’t like. Cancel thoughts they don’t like. Cancel truth they don’t like. That’s nothing to be proud of…and unfortunately for the Gay Left, it’s not surprising. America’s diverse LGBT community demands better than an adolescent ‘temper tantrum’ of feigned moral outrage.