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Log Cabin Republicans is the nation’s oldest and most well-respected LGBT Republican organization. We represent thousands of gay and lesbian Republicans across the country who value and advocate conservative policies such as strong borders, Second Amendment protection, limited, accountable government, low taxes, balanced budgets and a strong national defense.

Maybe you haven’t seen our efforts, but we also push back against the LGBT left, specifically:

  • Woke, radical policies that harm children in their most important years of development.
  • Infringement on free speech by mandating pronouns contrary to someone’s biological sex.
  • Destruction of fairness in women’s sports by forcing them to compete against biological males.

Our goals are your goals – defend liberty and promote America First policies.

We must unite to defeat the Democrats in every race from dog catcher to President of the United States.

We must stand behind President Donald Trump and completely disavow the lawfare and election interference being perpetrated in courthouses across the country. Enough is enough!

We need your help though! It is difficult for us to recruit new Republican voters, who may be gay or straight, due to certain language in our platform. One sentence in particular is unnecessary and divisive. It does nothing to define or prescribe policy. In fact, it’s downright insulting and factually inaccurate.

The platform plank reads, “Homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice.”

This must be removed if we are to grow the party, win future elections and embrace President Reagan’s big tent vision.

“And here is the challenge to you. It is the duty and responsibility of the volunteer Republican organizations, not to further divide, but to lead the way to unity. It is not your duty, responsibility or privilege to tear down, or attempt to destroy, others in the tent.”

– President Ronald Reagan (April 1, 1967)

We respect an individual’s right to worship freely and to hold moral objections to homosexuality. Log Cabin Republicans would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with anyone to defend that right, as we too are faith loving Americans who honor the First Amendment in every facet and in every regard.

However, we will not be besmirched, slandered or have our beliefs mischaracterized. We are not a part of the LGBTQIA+ mafia that wishes to destroy America. Stand with us in committees and on the convention floor to support our resolution to amend the platform to remove this unnecessary language.

How much do you know about Log Cabin?

Did you know that President Trump was the first US president to appoint an openly-gay cabinet secretary?

  • Richard “Ric” Grenell was appointed as US Ambassador to Germany in 2018 and then to Director of National Intelligence in 2020.

Did you know that Log Cabin Republicans proudly endorsed Donald Trump in 2020?

Did you know about Former First Lady Melania Trump’s support for Log Cabin Republicans?

President Donald J. Trump commends Log Cabin Republicans for honoring his wife, Melania Trump, at the 2021 Spirit of Lincoln Gala & Award Ceremony at Mar a Lago.

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