• Stephen Gale


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  • Rebecca Schiff

    Vice Chairman

  • Richard Tisei


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  • Jerry Katlin


  • Charles T. Moran

    Managing Director & National Spokesman

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  • Leonard Olds

    Chairman Emeritus

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  • Frank Ricchiazzi

    Director Emeritus

  • Maritza F Bolano

  • José Cunningham

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  • Jamie Ensley

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  • John Herrick

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  • Jill Homan

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  • Daniel E. Innis

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  • Rob Jordan

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  • Robert Kabel

    Immediate Past Chairman

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  • Ernest Olivas

  • Hugh Rouse

  • David T. Sarama

  • Keith Schaefer

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  • Shane Shannon

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  • Ed Williams

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About the Board of Directors

The National Board of Directors is the chief governing body of the national Log Cabin Republicans, representing the interests of the organization’s members and constituents. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to ensure the success of the organization through the approval of an annual budget, setting policy, and providing support, input, guidance, oversight and expertise, including voting on endorsements of federal candidates for House, Senate, and President.

Board members serve three-year terms and are expected sit on various Board committees, dependent upon their expertise, skill-sets, and interest levels. These committees will develop policies, review goals, and administer strategic objectives that directly impact the Log Cabin Republicans mission. It is expected that Directors are active and participatory, not just in meetings, but also as representatives of the Log Cabin Republicans in their local communities.

Prospective board members should expect to attend three meetings throughout the course of the year, and to contribute significantly to the financial well-being of the organization. There are also interim discussions and meetings held via email and conference call that occur on an as-needed basis, no less than once a quarter between in-person meetings.