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Sill Resolution

Whereas, we believe in the traditional conservative ideals of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty.

The core of the political philosophy known as conservatism is unbounded faith in liberty. This is driven by two beliefs: the power of the individual to self-direct his/her own life and the proper role of government to protect and expand liberty, not limit it. These dual beliefs validate LGBT legal equality as sound conservative politics; and

Whereas, we believe in balanced budgets and fiscal discipline.

We advocate a balanced federal budget that reflects the accountability demanded by the American people for the use of their tax dollars. Deficit spending and the recent huge increases in the national debt harm all Americans, particularly the future generations of Americans who will bear the brunt of this ever-increasing burden.  Reducing the national debt must become a top priority. We must begin by reining in the growth of government and reducing the size and scope of the federal government; and

Whereas, we believe in comprehensive tax reform.

The current tax code is in need of significant reform to provide for greater opportunities for economic advancement and to allow American businesses to better compete with companies abroad. Today’s tax code places gay and lesbian individuals at a distinct disadvantage and should be made simpler and fairer.

Engaging in a substantive dialogue about reform of all parts of the tax code is important and should include income, gift, estate, corporate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, and self-employment taxes. Lower taxes will afford all Americans, including gays and lesbians, greater direction over the money they earn, invest, and leave to the next generation; and

Whereas, we believe in revitalizing Social Security through allowing individuals to invest in their futures.

Social Security, in its present form, is not financially sustainable. As Republicans, we believe in personal responsibility and consider the option of allowing Americans to invest a portion of their payroll taxes in private retirement accounts as a rational way of reforming the current system and providing a more secure future.  Private accounts would also allow those gays and lesbians who live in states without marriage equality a way to leave retirement income to their partners and heirs, a benefit that only married couples currently enjoy; and

Whereas, we believe in a strong national defense.

We believe in a strong national defense and support increased readiness for our military so that our country remains fully capable of defending itself against all enemies.

With the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the United States military has joined the ranks of other countries like Great Britain, Israel, Australia, Canada, and numerous other allies in allowing openly gay and lesbian individuals to serve their country in the military.  We urge the Pentagon and Congress to fully implement equal service by making all military rules, regulations, and benefits reflect this new policy of open service.

Fighting terrorism must continue to be a main priority of our government. Terrorism affects all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, and we must protect every human from the hatred and cruel practices of terrorists.

The murder and persecution of gay and lesbian people around the world, specifically in the Middle East, Russia, and parts of Africa, also must end. Liberty for all does not just stop at our borders; it must include liberty for all human beings. The United States should have a strong policy against this worldwide injustice and use its leverage to affect genuine global change that puts an end to these crimes against humanity.

As conservatives, we strongly support the Second Amendment and the guarantees it provides. As LGBT Americans are more likely to be targeted with violence for their sexual orientation or gender identity, the constitutional right of LGBT Americans to defend themselves and their families shall not be infringed upon; and

Whereas, we support legal immigration reforms that are fair and humane.

Enforcing existing laws could reduce the flow of illegal immigrants to our country. We advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that secures the nation’s borders, streamlines legal immigration for students with higher education and a solid record of achievement, and a guest-worker program for industries that are unable to hire adequate numbers of Americans.

We further advocate for allowing legal immigration of LGBT partners/spouses from other countries to the same extent that it is legal for heterosexual spouses to gain citizenship. Discrimination by the federal government in this area is often overlooked, but to the many Americans who are trying to live with their foreign partner/spouse of the same sex, this discrimination is intolerable.

We also believe that discriminating against those infected with HIV/AIDS from traveling to this country is wrong and an outdated policy that hinders our country from advancing research and education on HIV/AIDS; and

Whereas, we support marriage equality for all Americans.

As a conservative organization, we recognize the important role marriage has played in our history. We believe that allowing committed same-sex couples to marry is enshrined in the nation’s Constitution under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. Providing committed same-sex couples the same government recognition and protections as heterosexual couples will add value and strength to the long-standing institution of marriage.

Allowing all Americans to marry the one person they love is an individual right that is the very essence of what our Founding Fathers deemed “the pursuit of happiness”; and

Whereas, we believe in a broad, inclusive definition of family in America.

The family unit is a cornerstone of strong and vibrant societies, especially in America. Millions of LGBT families are a growing part of that cornerstone. We advocate adoption as the best alternative to unwanted pregnancies in this country. All Americans who are loving and responsible, regardless of sexual orientation, should be given every right to offer a child a loving home, either through adoption or foster care; and

Whereas, we support non-discrimination in employment.

No one should be dismissed from a job because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity, and for that reason we support passage of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, without regard to sexual orientation. While there is no right to be hired and no guarantee that a job will be held forever, there must be equitable opportunity to compete for and be awarded a job based on merit, as well as fair treatment based on job performance in an environment that is untainted by disrespect and discrimination; and

Whereas, we believe in market-driven health care reform.

Health care issues affect all Americans and must be a top priority for policymakers and legislators. Our health care system has historically been driven by economic incentives that have resulted in negative consequences for consumers: higher costs and limited access to insurance coverage. We oppose government-mandated health care plans like the Affordable Care Act, however, believing that government has been the source of most of the factors that have distorted the health care marketplace. We support market-driven health care reform that will lower health insurance costs and increase access for those currently not covered.

HIV/AIDS continues to impact American society across all demographics. Assisting those living with HIV and AIDS by making sure there is access to treatment and care and fighting for better therapies, newer treatment targets, and a cure must be a priority of our health system.

Prevention messaging must not only be broad so as to reach all Americans but targeted to those communities most at risk. Stigma, a driving force of the pandemic throughout the world and in the United States, needs to be addressed at the highest levels of both the corporate and public sectors.

When people know their status, they are significantly more likely to refrain from behaviors that put themselves and others at risk. Early diagnosis of HIV infection leads to better outcomes and is cost effective over time. Continued federal and private initiatives that encourage research will hopefully find a cure to this non-discriminating disease.

The Ryan White Programs must continue to help those living with HIV/AIDS. We advocate the extension of the Ryan White Care Act to continue to help those victims of HIV/AIDS that are either low income, uninsured or underinsured.