Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran joined CBS News Tuesday to discuss why Log Cabin Republicans is supporting the Respect for Marriage Act and urging Congressional Republicans to do the same.

Check out excerpts below and watch the full interview here!

“The sooner we can get this vote done and get it across the finish line…I think that the Senate leadership between the Democrats and Republicans did a good job coming up with some religious freedom compromise language. It needs to be moved upon swifty in the House, and the will is there to do it right now.”

“There are elements in the conservative movement that still want to continue this fight, still want to continue this war on same-sex marriage. They were unhappy about the Obergefell decision, or they feel that this is a states’ rights issue, they don’t want to see this done on a federal level…what we’re trying to do is bring together like-minded individuals across the conservative spectrum who are going to continue to work and advocate to all Republicans and let them know that this is an issue that has largely united Americans, it doesn’t need to divide Americans and it doesn’t need to divide Republicans anymore.”