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While the LGBT-rights movement has moved quickly over the last few decades in America, Log Cabin Republicans understand the unique role of American leadership for equality movements abroad. In 68 countries, being gay is criminalized, and in 9 of them, the punishment is death. With much work to be done for LGBT people everywhere, Log Cabin Republicans support:

  • International decriminalization of homosexuality.
  • International decriminalization of gender identity/expression for trans people.
  • Eradication of the death penalty as a means of punishment for LGBT people.
  • Sanctions against any country which, to any extent, criminalizes LGBT people.
  • Recognition, in the granting of requests for asylum, of the plight of LGBT people who are persecuted and threatened with execution.

At Log Cabin Republicans, we know that the world succeeds when the United States is at the helm of the international stage. Therefore, we believe in a confident foreign policy and a strong national defense.  As the world’s sole military superpower, it is vital that the United States remain ready and able to shoulder its responsibilities in the global arena while standing as a beacon of freedom.