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Fairness For All

Fairness For All

As Republicans, we understand that all people are created equal. While our values matter and should be protected, we understand that our values and rights should never supersede the rights of others. That is why we at Log Cabin Republicans support the Fairness for All Act. This act, co-sponsored by many of our Republican allies in Congress, enacts:

  • Legislative protection for LGBTQ people in the workplace, ensuring that no one can be fired on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Protections for religious liberties, helping to find a balance between fairness, equality, and individual liberty.
  • Additions to existing civil rights, anti-bullying, and housing bills to include both sexual orientation and gender identity as legally protected groups.

This bill suggests a new direction in the Republican party that artfully balances liberty with inclusion. We fully support the Fairness for All Act.