A comprehensive new poll from the Washington Post confirms what we already knew…the Left’s campaign to indoctrinate young children with radical gender identity theories is not popular with the country.

Less than a third of Americans say it is “appropriate” for “teachers to discuss trans identity in public schools with children” in 5th grade or lower. At the same time, clear majorities of Americans oppose discrimination against trans Americans in housing, at work, and at school.

Trans Americans absolutely deserve our compassion, respect, and support, but allowing activists to push gender identity theories, and even therapies, onto children in schools and away from the eyes of concerned parents is not “pro-trans.” It’s dangerous.

But instead of characterizing this issue for what it really is – an attempt to use the school system to push gender identity theories on to children – the Washington Post fell for the Left’s preferred narrative and called it all “anti-trans.” If Joe Biden’s re-election launch video was any indication, the Democrat Party plans to go along with it and try to fear-monger their way to the White House.

“This poll shows big majorities of the American public oppose the radical Left’s attempts to indoctrinate children with gender theories in schools,” Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran said. “It also shows that the public isn’t falling for their lies about what the issue really is. In fact, the only people who seem to be falling for their lies are the media, who blindly reprint their fake slogans in their biased reporting and falsely call it ‘anti-trans.’ Let this be a warning to the Democrats and the LGBT Left: if you try to make 2024 a referendum on teaching third graders about sex and gender identity, you will lose.”