Earlier today, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration announced changes to policy that would relax the Obama-era guidelines restricting gay men from donating blood.

Almost two weeks ago, President Trump announced that he was directing the FDA to review and identify bureaucratic “red-tape” across the agency that was getting in the way of abating the COVID-19 crisis.

Because of our solid relationships in the White House and the Department of Health & Human Services, Log Cabin Republicans immediately requested a review of this particularly onerous restriction on blood donations, especially in this great time of need. In the following days, we worked to provide our allies in the Administration with the data needed to make a decision that was based in science and good public health.

As a result of our efforts, the FDA will reduce the waiting period from 12-months to 3-months and institute a deadline of no more than 60 days after the public health crisis ends to review the data and hopefully eliminate a time restriction at all.

You can read below the full press-release distributed moments after the policy revision was announced. The mainstream media is picking up on the story. Crickets from the LGBTQ media or other “Gay, Inc.” advocacy organizations because…Trump.

Your support of Log Cabin Republicans and facilitating our ability to advocate for our community and the wellness of the entire nation had a real policy outcome in our favor. With your continued support and our activities in the rest of the 2020 election cycle, we’ll continue to deepen our relationships and provide leadership where no other LGBTQ advocacy organization will, and work to increase our visibility and representation in the Republican Party during this critical time in history. Thank you for standing with us.