Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran released the following statement in response to the Biden Administration’s release of their proposed changes to Title IX:

“As feared, the radicals in the Biden Administration just released their new proposed rule to erase sex and gender from Title IX. Worse, despite reassurances that rule-making on sports would come separately, it’s in there clear as day. There is no way to deny that this extreme rule change will unfairly rob women and girls from opportunities in athletics. Worse, it’s all tragically being done in the name of ‘equality.’ LGBT conservatives aren’t sure when our fight for equality became an ideological culture war to tear women down and erase sex and gender from our education system, but we refuse to be a part of it. We strongly believe that trans Americans deserve respect and the right to live freely, safely, and with equal opportunity, but not at the expense of erasing biological women and pretending that there is nothing unfair about biological boys defeating girls in athletic competitions. We will be on the front-lines fighting the Gay Left’s and the Democrats’ attempt to sacrifice Title IX in their war on women and will work with our Republican friends in Congress to stop this rule change however we can.”