Log Cabin President Charles Moran released the following statement in response to Pete Buttigieg suggesting buying Iranian oil is an “option” to deal with the energy crisis:

“Pete Buttigieg was one of the most vocal supporters of destroying America’s energy industry when he ran for president. He’s now become so radical, he’d rather buy oil from LGBT-murdering regimes like Iran – regimes that would throw Buttigieg into prison simply for being gay – than produce more fossil fuel energy here at home. America shouldn’t even have to consider funneling money to terrorist-sponsoring regimes that literally kill gay people because of our dependency on foreign energy, yet this is the future the Left and the supposedly ‘gay rights’ organizations like GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign are fighting for. Making America energy independent is actually pro-LGBT, yet they’re more interested in blocking projects like the Keystone Pipeline than in saving gay lives around the world.”