Gay conservative journalist Andy Ngo is viciously attacked by Antifa rioters in Portland, OR. LGBTQ advocacy groups silent and some even insinuate he deserved to be assaulted.

Washington, DC – On June 29, gay conservative journalist Andy Ngo was viciously attacked and beaten by Antifa counter-protesters in Portland, OR in a planned demonstration. According to widely distributed video, Ngo – who regularly wrote about and covered Antifa-related issues – was seen being punched, kicked, and doused with a milkshake-like substance now known to be quick-drying cement.

Charlotte Clymer, press secretary to the Human Rights Campaign, took to Twitter insinuating that Ngo was looking for a fight and intentionally put himself in harm’s way, deserving the violence that was inflicted upon him.

At this time, no national LGBTQ advocacy organization has called for an investigation or an end of violence against gay journalists in light of this attack.

“It is audacious that a group of armed domestic terrorists like Antifa would roam the streets of Portland and seek out a member of our LGBTQ Asian-Pacific Islander community to harm and commit acts of violence against,” stated Log Cabin Republicans national spokesman Charles Moran. “It is even more reprehensible that members of our own so-called equality organizations like HRC would allow their spokesperson to openly circulate the notion that he deserved it because he is a conservative. The silence from Gay, Inc. is deafening, and sends the message that the community will only defend you if you subscribe to its leftist agenda.”

“Log Cabin Republicans condemns violence as a means of advancing LGBTQ equality. We commend Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ambassador Richard Grenell for calling for a federal investigation on this attack, for Andy and others victimized by the Antifa terrorists. This attack should be prosecuted as a hate crime and Antifa classified as a domestic terrorist organization. We will stand up for Andy’s civil rights even while other LGBTQ groups stay silent” concluded Moran.

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