Kyle Luebke, president of the Log Cabin Republicans of North Carolina, released the following statement in response to comments made by North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson:

“The continued unacceptable rhetoric coming from Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson has no place in the Republican Party of Donald Trump, the first President to support marriage equality on day one of his presidency and the first to include an openly gay man on his cabinet. Trump’s GOP is inclusive of gay Republicans, but Lt. Gov. Robinson’s unfortunate comments give fuel to the media and the Left’s false attacks that President Trump and the GOP are ‘anti-LGBT’ while alienating business interests looking to bring new jobs and opportunities to North Carolina. His comments demean LGBT Americans, including the record-number of LGBT conservatives who voted Republican last year. LGBT conservatives already face attacks from the Left for supporting the GOP and President Trump. The last thing they need is to be maligned by the highest-ranking Republican in North Carolina. This month’s stunning elections in Virginia and New Jersey were a reminder that inclusion is a winner for Republican campaigns. We do not want to see Democrats win a third term to the governorship in 2024 or lose our legislative majorities in 2022. Because of this, we call upon all Republicans in North Carolina to work with the Log Cabin Republicans towards a more inclusive and diverse Republican Party.”