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(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin Republicans rebuke Ken Buck’s statement that a person’s sexual orientation is a choice.  Buck, a candidate for Senate from Colorado, said during a nationally televised debate on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that being gay is a choice and comparable to alcoholism.

“Whether it is a Republican candidate for Senate or a liberal White House senior advisor, the suggestion that a person’s sexual orientation is a ‘lifestyle choice’ is ridiculous, harmful, and flat-out wrong,” said Christian Berle, Deputy Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans.  “A person’s sexual orientation is no more a choice than whether or not they are left-handed, and too many people have been hurt because of failed attempts to change the way they were born.  It is unfortunate that Ken Buck chose to divert attention away from a platform of greater liberty and smaller government by indulging in anti-gay rhetoric.”

Colorado Log Cabin Republicans President George Gramer, Jr. concurred, saying, “Colorado Log Cabin Republicans do not agree with Ken Buck’s comments that being gay is a choice. We encourage him to stay focused on the issues of jobs, the economy, a strong national defense and energy self sufficiency.”

Log Cabin Republicans’ sister organization, Liberty Education Forum (LEF), does outreach and education on a range of issues relating to equality for LGBT Americans.  The LEF White Paper, “Is It a Choice? The Science of Sexual Orientation,” details scientific evidence debunking the myth that a person’s sexuality is chosen or changeable, and can be found


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