Washington, D.C. – Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran released the below statement in response to reports of Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s prolonged absence from the Department of Transportation:

“Secretary Pete Buttigieg is the second openly-gay cabinet secretary, but he is the first to fail at his job. Amid an unprecedented supply-chain crisis that is ripping apart America’s economy, Buttigieg went MIA from the Department of Transportation for nearly two months. It’s clear he doesn’t respect the gravity of his job, but even if he had showed up for work, it wouldn’t have made a difference – Pete Buttigieg was and remains completely unqualified to lead the Department of Transportation and was clearly hired by Joe Biden because he was gay and the Left prioritizes identity politics and wokeism. If the DC media wasn’t so in the tank for Joe Biden and the Left, this story would have been reported weeks ago. Instead, it’s alarming that a cabinet secretary in Joe Biden’s Washington can leave work for weeks and no one in the Washington press corps notices.”